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Wedding Reception Invites Wording

4 Tips on How to Word Reception Invitation Cards

Choosing a wedding reception invites wording is also not less important than the other wedding details, as both the impression that there is in it can give encouragement to the invitation to your wedding. If you give a good impression, your guests will certainly take them to attend your wedding ceremony no matter what their busyness. Attending your wedding will be beautiful and memorable throughout their life.

There are many ways you can do to design your wedding invitations. If you choose a traditional wedding theme, then there will be many options that you can choose to design an invitation card to your liking. Invitation card should not only be exciting but also must be able to reflect your personality and what you want for your wedding. In addition, to make the wedding reception invites wording that is right for your wedding day, you should also pay attention to some details relating to your wedding so that everything goes smoothly according to your wishes and your partner.

Wedding Reception Invitations Wording

Here are some tips you can use regarding how to word reception invitation cards. All you need to do this is wedding invitations and wedding invitation envelopes.

If your ceremony and reception take place at separate locations, it is a good idea to create a separate reception card. Here you should include the reception date and time, location name, street address, as well as city and state. For these elements you will need to create five lines total in separate lines. Don’t forget to include your reception invitation cards in your wedding invitation envelope that you have prepared before.
If your reception takes place at the same location as your ceremony, it is better for you to write the reception location and time on your wedding invitation directly. Just make everything easy to read and write tem all in the simplest way for your invitees.
If you intend to invite your guests to a reception-only event, it is good idea to create an entirely separate invitation to make everything easy to handle. Don’t forget to include your reception details such as the date, time, and location.
For etiquette issues, it sounds great not to write “adults only” because it is not proper etiquette. If you do not want your guests to bring their children, it is better to write “adults-only reception” on the last line of your reception card.
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