Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Benefits Tea For Health

WHO has conducted inspection of the condition of good or bad drinks, and the last of the opinion: that the teaas the beverage is best for adults and elders. Tea leaves contain protein, vitamins as well as dozens of nearly 300 types of composition, has the function of aligning physiology, acting as health care in many respects. Positive benefits of drinking tea very much, if concluded is:

* Tea can give encouragement, strengthening the mind and the ability to remember.
* Tea can relieve fatigue, promote metabolism and maintain functions of the heart, blood vessels, gastrointestinal and other functions.
* Tea leaves contain small amounts of elements mikronutrein useful to the body.
* Leaf tea has the effect of reining malignant tumors, and can significantly inhibit the growth of cancer cells.
* Drinking tea can inhibit the cells grow old, so that it can prolong life. Aging effects of tea leaves is over 18 times more vitamin E.
* Drinking tea can slow down and prevent the formation of fat in the blood vessel lining, prevent hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure and brain thrombus.
* Drinking tea can stimulate the nerve center and strengthen the function of movement.
* Drinking tea can prevent cataracts aging.
* Tannates tea leaves contain acid that can kill various kinds of bacteria, also can prevent and cure sore mouth, sore throat, and inflammation of the intestine which easily occurs in the summer, dysentery and so on.
* Drinking tea may protect the blood-making function. In the tea leaves contain radiation protection, watching TV while drinking may reduce the danger of radiation TV, as well as to protect eyesight.
* Prevent dryness due to sun and lower temperatures. After 9 minutes of warm tea, decreased skin temperature 1-2 degrees Celsius, so that people feel fresh, while after drinking cold beverages decreased skin temperature is not clear.

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