Saturday, June 9, 2012


I really love my 27-inch iMac and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. But sometimes, when I’m working on one side of the screen in Photoshop, I have to mouse over to the other side of the screen just to find the tiny toolbox so that I can switch to another tool. And with multiple windows open, the toolbox often gets lost in the shuffle. Anyway, the solution to my problem is to use keyboard shortcuts. I made this cheat sheet so that I can have an easy reference to the keyboard shortcuts and I’m sharing it with you in case you can use it, too.
Please note that some of the tools have multiple functions and you can access them by pressing the icon or by pressing the shift key plus the shortcut key to toggle between the different tools. My cheat sheet only covers the primary tools because I didn’t have enough room. :)
By the way, I also created some Photoshop keyboard shortcut flashcards that you can use on your iPhone and I hope to have them ready soon!

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