Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kanye West Glasses

kanye west glasses
Alain Mikli open up his first eyewear studio in 1978, in what would be the dawn of an era that has had some highly influential medicine artists donning his glasses.
With a basic design, what makes Alain Mikli eyewear stand out is the color. Mikli has no problems adding color to his frames. In fact, it’s this bold movement, this artistic element that helped put his sunglasses on the map. Based on his personal philosophy that each person has his own pair of glazed with the color that represents them, every pair of Mikli Eyewear is a unique creation.
Alain Mikli eyeglasses ar a favorite of the European celebrities and avant-garde Americans. After opening up his studio in the late 70s, English musician Elton John gave the Mikli glasses recognition. Known for his flair for flamboyant color and over-the-top style, he started wearing the colorful and fashionable Mikli glasses in the early 80s. The style was different, not as flamboyant as his colorful tours in the 70s, but they were still pushing the contemporary gasbag and helped Mikli become a fashion sensation. The simple yet colorful designs were easy obtrusive while still fashionable and hip.
In fact, Alain Mikli glasses caught the eye recently of a new musical artist. Also somewhat flamboyant, though non as colorful as Elton John, is hip hop/R&B artist Kanye West. With a flair of style and a sense of flashiness, West wore specially designed shutter sunglasses Alain Mikli shades in his “Stronger” music video, glasses he requested and to this day wears in performances as it’s become a signature of his. It’s this kind of avant-garde design and innovative artwork that makes a pair of Alain Mikli glasses unique.
By:Jennifer Belo

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